Star Designer Neck Pillow with MP3

9019 (DNPM3)

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Key Benefits

  • Designer & Stylish Look and Feel Music Vibration Massage
  • Comforts Neck while travelling
  • Stretchable couture design
  • Neck Support & Comfort Relaxation Cushion
  • Neck & shoulder Massager
  • Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation.

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More info

Product Code - DNPM3

Material - Soft fabric, Microbeads, Speakers
Product Color - Grey
Type - Micro bead with MP3 speakers
Product Size - 30 * 27.5 * 8.5 ( L*B*W)
Carton Size - 27.5  * 25.5  * 8  cm (L * W * H)
Area of Focus - Neck and Shoulder
Massage Type - Cushion for Neck massage


  • VIBRATION MESSAGE: Different with other travel pillow, this pillow is designed with high frequency vibration massage function. It helps soothing neck fatigue, soothing stress in a long distance trip. Intermittent vibration and continuous vibration.
  • MICROBEAD TRAVEL PILLOW designed to be more comfortable than inflatable, micro bead and down neck pillows.
  • FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA-PREMIUM Comforlite MICROBEADS. Our super small polystyrene beads will give you the relaxing support you need and will conform to your every position. However, they will not crush easily like so many other pillows on the market that use inferior quality beads. Buy the pillow that lasts!
  • DUAL COMFORT! Super soft and cosy plush on one side and cool, relaxing spandex on the other. It’s like having TWO pillows and everyone knows how important it is to have flexibility during travel.
  • SNAP CLOSURE. Allows you to secure the pillow around your neck to help prevent your head from falling forward so you can catch some Z’s! EASILY ATTACHES TO LUGGAGE. Simply snap around the handle of your luggage or to your backpack. A very handy feature during your travels.
  • MUSIC – Now enjoy with music with massage while travelling.
  • USE IT AS A LUMBAR SUPPORT! Our pillow doubles as a lumbar support. Super soft and super versatile. USE IT FRONTWARDS LIKE A MASSAGE TABLE PILLOW! Simply close the snap and rest your face forward into the pillow. USE ON-THE-GO OR AT HOME. Our pillow is just as comfortable on the couch or on the bed!

How to use :

  1. Put 2 AA size batteries inside the socket which is inbuilt in the pillow ( batteries not included).
  2. Place the pillow on the neck and put on the switch to start vibration massage.
  3. Connect the wire to your celphone and enjoy the music.

Benefits :

  • Eases the pain brought by the nerves constriction and prevents and releases muscle tension.
  • Improves blood circulation in the neck and head
  • Can be used as support cushion also
  • Use the pillow to relax after physical exercise / gymnastics etc.
  • Material used is soft fabric
  • Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation.
  • Ergonomic design helps to adapt to different head shapes

Ideal For - Long Travelling, Office, Home