Star Diamond Massager


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Key Benefit

  • Skin tightening
  • With new kneading technology
  • Rotation in 360 degree cleaning and massaging totally
  • Adept for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.

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Product Code - DM
Material - ABS
Product Color - Silver
Power Supply - Manual
Application - Body
Product Size - 9 * 12.8 * 8.5 cm (L* W* B)
Product Weight - 209 gms
Weight with Carton - 268 gms
Carton Size - 11.5 * 15 * 8.5 ( L * W * B )

Product detail:

Diamond Massager is a massager for whole body. Daily treatment with the roller on the surface of your skin affects skin texture, making its appearance supple, shiny and firm.


  1. It is a professional-grade beauty device that acts as a facial and body massager.
  2. It uses solar power to generate a gentle micro current when it is rolled over the skin.
  3. It stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, helps refresh, lifts and rejuvenates your skin.
  4. The 360 degree multi-angle design allows you to control the intensity of your treatment.
  5. Current-carrying bearings within the rollers transfer micro current into your skin to stimulate the muscles back to its original state.
  6. Micro current helps to define facial / body contour, improve skin texture, refine appearance of enlarged pores, improve blood circulation, increase lymphatic drainage. Also provides better absorption of skincare products.
  7. Roller surface with high corrosion-resistant titanium alloy coating, suitable for everyday use.
  8. Double solar panels, effectively absorb light.
  9. Water proof design, can be used in the bathroom.
  10. Adapt for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.
  11. It's unique design replicates kneading massaging method. 

How to use:

  • Gently massage the shoulder to the neck.
  • Rolling back and forth in the arm.
  • Around the waist, up and down, left and right sides, rolling back and forth.            


  • 288 cut faces, ready for every corner of the body
  • No electricity needed