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Key Point   

  •    4 Layer Insulation
  •     3 temperature setting
  •     Led Light indicator
  •     shock proof
  •     Teflon coated flexible heating treatment
  •      Soft Fabric
  •      Reduces all body pains

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Data sheet

Height29.5 cm
Width21.50 cm
Depth1 cm
Weight0.330 Kgs

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1 Four layer insulation

2 lnbuilt thermostat For 100% safety

3 Low power condumption

4 Shock Proff

5 one year warranty

How to use

  1. Place Star ortho heat pad inside the cotton cover
  2. Plug in the power source and switch on
  3. Adjust the desired temperature level  as under:

              a Level 1 45 C  to 50 c

               b Level 2 50 C  to 60 c

                c Level 3 60 C  and above

       4. Place the heat pad on affected area

        5. Switch off the Power and Disconnect the cord after use.

Releases Pain Such as backaches, sprain, muscular and joint pains , rheumatic, cervical spondylitis etc


1 Do not ever sleep with your heating pad on.

2 Keep out of children's reach

Key Point

  • Body pain
  • level heat controller
  • Teflon coated flexible heating element
  • soft fabri
  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • neck pain