Star Thera Band for Exercise


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Key Features

Improve posture

Increase motor function

Increase strength and power

Improve Balance

Decrease pain

Increase grip strength

Improve cardiovascular fitness

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Available in Mix Design

Product Description :

TheraBands are the perfect tool for resistance exercise in the clinic, at the gym, at home.

 TheraBand elastic resistance has been proven to increase strength and reduces joint pain.

TheraBand bands help rehabilitate injuries, improve functional movements of older adults, improve athletic performance, and aid in treating many chronic diseases.

Highest quality natural rubber latex resistance bands.

Ideal helpers for daily workout, fat burning, therapy, advanced training, etc

Available in Different Thickness :

0.35mm thickness - Rs 349 /- 

0.45mm Thickness - Rs. 399/-

0.65mm Thickness - Rs. 499