Star Back Support Mesh Prime

9403 ( BSMP )

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Key Benefits:-

  • Helps align your spine and improve your posture
  • Gives lower back support, aligned, neutral spine and relaxed shoulders
  • Lower Lumbar Support
  • Spring cushion effect gives valuable support and added comfort
  • Raised nodes provide a massage feature
  • Maximum Air ventilation

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This back rest is molded, impact resistant, lightweight, made of polycarbonate frame and durable. Polyurethane foam protects the frame and provides cushiony comfort. The backrest is orthopedically designed for sitting comfort and serves as an excellent back support.

People who work for long hours on computer or by sitting on chair may suffer back pain and it is uncomfortable. No matter if you are in your home, driving a car or sitting in a office use of Back support will ease all back pain and discomfort.


  • Back support maintains the curvature of the lower spine
  • It provides support to the side muscles of the back
  • Providing ample back support while driving or working long hours at the office
  • It helps you get rid of postural back ache effectively.
  • Orthopedic back rest universal is designed to increase comfort by aligning your spine
  • It supports correct posture unlike traditional "L" shaped chairs.
  • The "s" shaped frame molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment.