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Neck Pillow Yellow


New product

  • Light weight and portable
  • Made of high quality microfiber
  • Perfectly support the head and neck
  • Easy to carry
  • Great for travel

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  1. Ergonomic neck contouring, comfortable and microfiber cushioning for maximum comfort and provides great head, neck, shoulder support. Pillow reduces the aches and pains of travel. Unique design accommodates both seated and reclined passengers in airplanes, trains, buses, in the car or home, office use. Compact size which would suit requirement of people of all ages, gender and body build.
  2. Unique U-shape design supports your neck perfectly, quickly removes muscle numbness, promote blood circulation, prevention of arthritis of shoulder and neck cervical spine injuries Ultra soft and relaxing, portable, durable and lightweight. Ideal travel companion.
  3. Microfiber conform naturally to your neck.

How to use :

Keep this pillow just backside of your neck for support.

Benefits :

  1. Eases the pain brought by the nerves constriction and prevents and releases muscle tension.
  2. Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation.
  3. It is made from responsive microfiber that ensures comfortable head and neck support.
  4. Ergonomic design helps to adapt to different head shapes